Return to form

Posted on Fri 26 February 2010 by alex in geek, general

I have returned to my clean shaved form. As the mornings get lighter and winter starts to recede I prefer my whole face to take advantage of the additional sunlight. I fairly certain I shall return to bearded form next winter.

Today has been clear-out day at work. Much of the activity has been stymied by the lack of skip which was due to be delivered this morning. I've done my best to return spare staplers and folders and the like to the stationary cupboard. I've also managed to snaffle a rather nice wide screen monitor for my principle display. The only downside is dragging windows across from the normal aspect monitor on the left can result in ugliness (and the odd feeling the fonts have changed). However as the one directly front of my face is the one I stare at the most I'm willing to live with that.

I am a little dismayed by the amount of stuff going into the skip though. I've been assured the electronic stuff won't end up in landfill but I don't know if that just means it will get shipped to India or China for dismantling. I can see why it's not worth keeping the base units (or even scavenging the memory) but I'm fighting the thought that something better could be done with all that hardware. I have rescued an EeePC which will put into service as a router/access point as it's a fairly low power device.