Under starters orders

Posted on Wed 07 April 2010 in general

It wasn't exactly the most surprising announcement but the race is now on for who forms the next government. Anyone not registered to vote has about 13 days to make sure they are registered for the election.

According to the Electoral Reform Society there isn't much point voting as all our seats are dead certs. It seems like a council of despair and misplaced for a number of reasons.

Leaving aside the civic duty aspects of voting (whoever you vote for, or spoil your ballot) this is going to be one of closest elections in a long time. We have a record number of incumbent MPs standing down this election ensuring more election battles between new candidates. For those election battles where the incumbent is fighting the seat there is a wealth of information that allows voters to see their MPs actual performance. Given the turbulence and disrepute politics has fallen into over the last few years I'm sure those "safe" seats are feeling a lot less safe now.

Although my political complexion is broadly of the blue variety I'm starting to go off my local MP. His lack of record on transparency and disappointing record equality are leading me to consider other candidates. I'm voting for my local representative not a voting peon for the national party. Unfortunately the LibDem representation so far has been less than stellar. While it's hoping too much for no negative campaigning this year I'm really not persuaded by arguments telling me to vote for someone because the other party will do X. It's a shame as a 7.5% swing looks doable if the Lib Dems can pull votes from both the Tory and Labour in my constituency.

Anyway there is all to play for over the next 4 weeks, we shall see how the country decides soon enough.