Interesting times, part 2

Posted on Fri 07 May 2010 by alex in general

I didn't make it to the declaration of my local constituency which eventually declared sometime around 5 in the morning. As a result I'm basically functioning on tea infusions. I may have to whip up a super-caffeine latte in a bit.

The results last night where all over the place. Some stonking swings to the Tories in bits of the north where they didn't expect to win but at the same time less than stellar performances in the old true blue heartlands. My local constituency had a pretty decent swing to the Lib Dems after the collapse of the local Labour Campaign but it was still a fairly comfortable Conservative hold.

The big story seems to be the collapse of the Lib Dem vote, both the Uniform Swing projection and the chaps at FiveThirtyEight predicted a far higher number of seats for the Lib Dems than the 59 or so they look likely to get.

Personally I hope Cameron sucks up his objections to offering Clegg a referendum on PR and forms some sort of Lib/Con alliance. I suspect that may dismay many LD voters hoping for a Lib/Lab pact though. Either way as a voter it's out of my hands now and up to those politicians in smoke-free rooms to hammer out a deal.