Interesting times, part 2

Posted on Fri 07 May 2010 in general • Tagged with ge2010, politics, results

I didn't make it to the declaration of my local constituency which eventually declared sometime around 5 in the morning. As a result I'm basically functioning on tea infusions. I may have to whip up a super-caffeine latte in a bit.

The results last night where all over the place …

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Election day in the UK

Posted on Thu 06 May 2010 in general • Tagged with democracy, elections, ge2010

Today is the general election in the UK. It's the closest race I've ever been eligible to vote in and the outcome is far from certain. If you do one thing today please go and vote. That is all.

Big Society vs Proportional Representation

Posted on Wed 05 May 2010 in general • Tagged with election, ge2010, policies, politics, turnout

This will be my last post on the subject of politics for some time. Tomorrow is election day and even though blogging is not yet subject to the oversight of Ofcom the convention of not campaigning on election day seems like a good one to follow.

The campaign has taken …

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The story is around the world before the rebuttal gets it's boots on

Posted on Wed 28 April 2010 in general • Tagged with gaffes, ge2010, media, politics

Sometimes I feel quite sorry for Gordon Brown. I have plenty of fundamental problems with his politics but sometimes he just can't catch a break. Thankfully I'm rational enough not to base my vote on how lucky the candidates seem to be. Brown has joined a long line of politicians …

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Interesting Times

Posted on Tue 27 April 2010 in general • Tagged with cambridge, cambs, election, ge2010, politics

The election race in my constituency just got a lot more interesting. The suspension of the local Labour candidate offers up some interesting options for the voters. While the Tory incumbent has a fairly healthy majority he does benefit from a splitting of the opposition vote.

Despite kicking the candidate …

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