Still here

Posted on Mon 17 May 2010 in general

I should be on a plane at this point, however ash has conspired to cancel my connecting flight this morning. I'm now re-booked onto another flight this evening so I'll still be in South Africa in time for meetings just on considerably less sleep.

The weekend was lovely and relaxed. We attended to some wedding preparation on the Saturday including measuring me up for my suit and picking up the wedding rings. As I very rarely wear the things it still feels a little odd making my left hand hang a little oddly, I'm sure I'll get used to it soon enough though :-)

As I was due to be leaving home at 3.30 in the morning on Monday we time shifted Sunday to try and make the morning less painful. Fliss cooked me a wonderful roast Chicken dinner and we enjoyed a quite evening together. I was fairly relieved when the flight cancellation notification finally came through. It was much nicer waking up at a civilised time in the morning with my soon to be wife.