Finding the Signal

Posted on Tue 14 September 2010 by alex in geek, general

With no diving excursions today we set about mapping the island. Despite my earlier comments there is GPS signal around and fairly good visibility of satellites. However the signal-to-noise ratio is pretty bad that most of them can't be used for location. I'm not sure if this is by accident or design. Despite this I did build up an incomplete GPS trace with I shall upload to OSM when I am in slightly better connected conditions.

During the course of our exploration we did "find" the east side of the island which is a lot quieter and for me benefits from being a lot more shaded in the afternoon. It also has a nice view to the edge of the coral reef where it meets the ocean proper. There is also a connected island although fenced off so I'm not sure we are allowed to explore.

We did during our investigations find the nesting tree of the fruit bats we've been observing over the last few evenings. This has been a source of excitement to Fliss and one of the GO's we have befriended.