Still paddling under the water

Posted on Thu 10 February 2011 in general

Don't take the lack of activity on this blog as an indication that life has been quiet, far from it. Work continues to be an exercise of multiple plate juggling. Although most nights I've been either clocking up kills on CoD multi-player or vegging watching DVDs other stuff has happened. In brief:

* I bought a new PC, pimped out with 16GB of RAM and an SSD it makes a fine development box.
* I switched my phone from VillianRom to compiled from source CyanogenMod.
* I now own real actual shares (as opposed to maybe-someday-options)
* Married life continues to be wonderful

Fliss has also been very busy doing some long hours in London so a lot of our post-work slobbing has been mutual. However we are both looking forward to a long weekend walking in Wales to blow away the post-Christmas cobwebs.