Damn you Virgin Media

Posted on Fri 02 April 2010 in general • Tagged with bandwidth, broadband, cod4, cod4mw2, virgin, warmth

I'm unreasonably happy this weekend. We had made the right choice to skip the first and last Maelstroms this year. We still have memories of waking up in snow last year. Instead we are looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend of chilling.

After a bit of tweaking we finally …

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Blu-Ray and CoD4

Posted on Tue 19 February 2008 in geek • Tagged with bluray, cod4, games, ps3

I see that Sony have "won" the battle for physical high definition media. Unfortunately since the last firmware update my Japanese PS3 has rather taken against playing Blu-ray discs. It does however play DivX files quite nicely (better than my ageing Cello DVD player). Given current trends I'm unlikely to …

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Going Mobile

Posted on Tue 08 January 2008 in geek • Tagged with cod4, data, google, ps3

I spent bits of yesterday getting final meter readings in and cancelling my Sky account. The rest of it was taken up with a fair amount of cursing at Call of Duty 4 as I struggled my way through act 3. Having the rest of the household point out the …

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