Migrating to Wordpress?

Posted on Mon 21 September 2009 in misc • Tagged with development

Live Journal have been more than a little crap the last week or so. As many may know I actually host my blog on my own website but most people comment on the syndicated feed on Live Journal. I'm thinking of migrating my blog to the slightly more feature complete …

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The hinterland...

Posted on Sat 12 September 2009 in misc • Tagged with development

..that is waiting for the broadband to turn-up. The first night in the house was nice although lacking in curtains so woke up early this morning. We have a mostly functional kitchen although no fridge yet. Fliss is building furniture upstairs. There are still a fair number of boxes to …

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Scripts from Scratch

Posted on Fri 04 September 2009 in geek • Tagged with development

I wrote my first from scratch python script* today. It's not the first time I've touched the language having submitted a number of patches to python based programs as well as spell fairly hefty tweaking existing code. But this was one of those tasks I would have usually picked up …

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Microsoft vs Google, who will win?

Posted on Wed 08 July 2009 in misc • Tagged with development

There was a slightly hyperbolic BBC article describing Google's Chrome OS announcement. Apart from the obvious significance of the two largest tech behemoths going head to head the BBC did wonder if it would spell the end of the push for Linux on the netbook platform. Of course they didn't …

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Cryptographic Hashes

Posted on Fri 26 June 2009 in misc • Tagged with development

If your new to cryptographic hashes or simply want an intro that isn't overly heavy detailed maths then I can recommend The Code Monkey's Guide by kernel hacker Valerie Aurora.