Playing Blu-Ray under Linux

Posted on Mon 18 April 2011 in geek • Tagged with blu-ray, defective-by-design, drm, gentoo, linux

One of the many deficiencies of Digital Restrictions Management is the fact it makes doing legal authorised things hard for paying customers. For example my brother still can't play Blu-Ray disks on his laptop despite it having the requisite a) drive, b) power and c) display resolution. Because the OS …

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Rag tag bag

Posted on Thu 11 September 2008 in general • Tagged with drm

I went clay pigeon shooting last night with work. I'm not sure if the guns just had better recoil protection or if my technique is getting better but I have no bruised shoulder this morning. Anyway aside from that I have a few links to share today.

Firstly the story …

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