Playing Blu-Ray under Linux

Posted on Mon 18 April 2011 in geek • Tagged with blu-ray, defective-by-design, drm, gentoo, linux

One of the many deficiencies of Digital Restrictions Management is the fact it makes doing legal authorised things hard for paying customers. For example my brother still can't play Blu-Ray disks on his laptop despite it having the requisite a) drive, b) power and c) display resolution. Because the OS …

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Its a kind of Magic

Posted on Wed 29 September 2004 in geek • Tagged with linux, photos, rescue, tools

I went to New Orleans last year and took a load of photos. unfortunately when I got back I found I could not read my cameras flash card because the crappy FAT filesystem it uses had gotten corrupted. I was very annoyed with this because visiting New Orleans was one …

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The Rules according to SCO

Posted on Fri 21 November 2003 in geek • Tagged with linux, sco

This anonymous light-hearted moment of unbridled sarcasm is licensed under
Creative Commons. Please feel free to publish this and contribute
additions or corrections.

SCO rules of the game.

  1. Only SCO is allowed to bully and intimidate. No one may bully or intimidate SCO or its partners.
  2. If anyone claims SCO …

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