Living la vida ELPA

Posted on Tue 10 July 2012 in geek • Tagged with elpa, emacs, git

I've been running Emacs 24 direct from the version control tree (technically a git mirror, bzr still confuses me) for some time now. As many people have mentioned ELPA is one of the big features that helps de-clutter an Emacs users ~/.emacs.d directory. I thought it might be a …

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Finally public

Posted on Mon 25 January 2010 in geek • Tagged with emacs, git, github

After much faffing about with repeated sending of faxes to multiple numbers I finally proved I was human and accountable enough for "Edit with Emacs" to appear on the Chrome Extension Gallery. This almost immediately showed up some documentation and usage usability issues so I spent some of my spare …

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Morning coffee for my workstation

Posted on Tue 15 December 2009 in geek • Tagged with cvs, git, swap

My work machine has always been slow in the mornings. I may have moaned about this before but it's mainly due to the rather excessive overnight processing it does (convert a 3.8G CVS repo into a 714M GIT repo). This tends to leave all the active applications somewhere in …

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Distributed VCS

Posted on Tue 09 June 2009 in geek • Tagged with development, git, linkedin, vcs

I've mentioned distributed version control systems a few times. It was interesting note the advice that Savannah is giving about recovering from a recent disk crash. Both Git andMercurial based projects can restore from local repositories as they contain all the revision history within them. The centralised version control systems …

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