Review: The Ballad of Gay Tony

Posted on Thu 27 May 2010 in geek • Tagged with games, gta, ps3, review

We finally reached the limit on the PS3's hard disk a few weeks ago. Although I had the option of reformatting the hard drive to reclaim the 10gb after Sony disabled OtherOS* it seemed a lot easier to get a newer more spacious disk. A quick trip to Amazon later …

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On the Subject of GTA

Posted on Tue 01 July 2008 in geek • Tagged with games, gta, ps3

So despite my obvious desire for the game I haven't mentioned much about it since I got it. Some times it makes sense to comment on things with a little perspective that time can provide.

Well the first thing to note is I'm a fan of the GTA series and …

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Guilt, but not much

Posted on Fri 23 May 2008 in general • Tagged with gta, house

You feel slightly guilty as you sit back and play GTAIV while people potter around your house and pack stuff into boxes. However the feeling passes after a while, it's certainly how a plan to move next time :-D