Solving the HKG18 puzzle with org-mode

Posted on Mon 26 March 2018 in geek • Tagged with connect, emacs, linaro, org-mode

One of the traditions I like about Linaro's Connect event is the conference puzzle. Usually set by Dave Piggot they provide a challenge to your jet lagged brain. Full disclosure: I did not complete the puzzle in time. In fact when Dave explained it I realised the answer had been …

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Workbooks for Benchmarking

Posted on Wed 21 February 2018 in general • Tagged with benchmark, emacs, linaro, org-mode, qemu

While working on a major re-factor of QEMU's softfloat code I've been doing a lot of benchmarking. It can be quite tedious work as you need to be careful you've run the correct steps on the correct binaries and keeping notes is important. It is a task that cries out …

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Posted on Tue 06 February 2018 in geek • Tagged with conference, edsac, emacs, fosdem, linaro, lisp

I've just returned from a weekend in Brussels for my first ever FOSDEM - the Free and Open Source Developers, European Meeting. It's been on my list of conferences to go to for some time and thanks to getting my talk accepted, my employer financed the cost of travel and hotels …

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Running Linux in QEMU's aarch64 system emulation mode

Posted on Fri 09 May 2014 in geek • Tagged with aarch64, arm64, linaro, qemu

Since I started working on aarch64 support for QEMU the most frequently asked question I got was "when can I run aarch64 system emulation on QEMU?". Well wait no more as support for a VIRT-IO based aarch64 board was recently merged into the master branch of QEMU. In this post …

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Anyone interested at an Emacs BoF at LCU14?

Posted on Tue 29 April 2014 in geek • Tagged with emacs, linaro

I'm fairly atypical as a Linaro employee because I have a desk in a shared office. This means I get to participate in technical banter with the other employees based in the Cambridge office. However it has become quite clear I'm surrounded on all sides by VIMers with only one …

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