A Systems Programmer's Perspectives on Generative AI

Posted on Sun 10 December 2023 in geek • Tagged with ai, llms, systems, programming, chatgpt, qemu, open source

Alex discusses his experience playing with the current crop of large language models and muses on the power of processors multiplying lots of numbers together.

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Workbooks for Benchmarking

Posted on Wed 21 February 2018 in general • Tagged with benchmark, emacs, linaro, org-mode, qemu

While working on a major re-factor of QEMU's softfloat code I've been doing a lot of benchmarking. It can be quite tedious work as you need to be careful you've run the correct steps on the correct binaries and keeping notes is important. It is a task that cries out …

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Running Linux in QEMU's aarch64 system emulation mode

Posted on Fri 09 May 2014 in geek • Tagged with aarch64, arm64, linaro, qemu

Since I started working on aarch64 support for QEMU the most frequently asked question I got was "when can I run aarch64 system emulation on QEMU?". Well wait no more as support for a VIRT-IO based aarch64 board was recently merged into the master branch of QEMU. In this post …

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