SIM Troubles

Posted on Thu 12 November 2009 in general • Tagged with phone, sim, t-mobile

My SIM card is starting to show it's age and refusing to allow my phone to connect to the network. It's not surprising as the thing is fairly old having had it since I first joined T-Mobile. I managed to order a new SIM yesterday throwing only a minor strop …

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Posted on Mon 09 June 2008 in geek • Tagged with bandwidth, mobile, t-mobile

I had suspected it for a while but I've just confirmed it. T-Mobile is altering my web-pages. I suspect in this case it's nothing overly sinister like Phorm but it is still un-announced tampering with web-pages I request from 3rd party servers.

Transparent proxies have existed almost as long as …

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Life without Broadband

Posted on Tue 03 June 2008 in geek • Tagged with iplayer, mobile, t-mobile

Since the move down we have been without broadband. In fact without a fixed line we are subject to the whims of the mobile phone networks. Hopefully (landlords assent and trees permitting) I'll be able to get super-fast broadband through my works test network in Cambridge. However we have managed …

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