Nexus of possibilities

Posted on Fri 06 January 2012 in geek • Tagged with android, galaxy nexus, google, ice cream sandwich, phone

Looking back the last few months I notice every post has been about family and parenthood. Time to redress the balance a little and add some geek friendly contents.

After Christmas I indulged myself with a new phone. When I got the HTC Hero I'd deliberately skipped the first generation …

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SIM Troubles

Posted on Thu 12 November 2009 in general • Tagged with phone, sim, t-mobile

My SIM card is starting to show it's age and refusing to allow my phone to connect to the network. It's not surprising as the thing is fairly old having had it since I first joined T-Mobile. I managed to order a new SIM yesterday throwing only a minor strop …

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New Shiny

Posted on Wed 30 November 2005 in geek • Tagged with mobile, phone

My new phone arrived yesterday, I'm quite pleased with it.

First of all the basics. It's a d750i which is a development of my old k700i. I'm pretty brand loyal with phones and while most of the world seems to be Nokia fans I've generally found Sony-Ericsson phones capable (and …

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