The story is around the world before the rebuttal gets it's boots on

Posted on Wed 28 April 2010 by alex in general

Sometimes I feel quite sorry for Gordon Brown. I have plenty of fundamental problems with his politics but sometimes he just can't catch a break. Thankfully I'm rational enough not to base my vote on how lucky the candidates seem to be. Brown has joined a long line of politicians caught saying things in private which they didn't realise would become public.

I'd recommend watching the clip on Channel 4 as it includes the "on screen" conversation as well as his private comments. Unfortunately for the PM most people will just hear him insulting a ex-loyal Labour voter without the wider context of the conversation before it. It is up the the viewer to judge if the comments were justified.

I suspect the spin doctors in all parties are sending hastily written notes to all candidates reminding them to always know what mikes they have attached.