The story is around the world before the rebuttal gets it's boots on

Posted on Wed 28 April 2010 in general • Tagged with gaffes, ge2010, media, politics

Sometimes I feel quite sorry for Gordon Brown. I have plenty of fundamental problems with his politics but sometimes he just can't catch a break. Thankfully I'm rational enough not to base my vote on how lucky the candidates seem to be. Brown has joined a long line of politicians …

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Simon Singh

Posted on Fri 11 December 2009 in geek • Tagged with law, libel, media, politics, science

As the nights draw in again it's time to hit the lecture circuit. Cambridge is pretty well served with public lectures as well as a number of other organisations that organises talks in return for a small donation on the day or subscription. Last night I went to the IET's …

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Ripping PS3 compatible MP4s

Posted on Fri 20 November 2009 in geek • Tagged with encode, media, mencoder, mplayer, ps3, rip

There are literally hundreds of scripts and tools for encoding stuff to various compressed video formats. However I was never able to find something that did exactly what I wanted and until recently just did everything from the command line with mencoder. Eventually I got tired of the copy and …

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