2010 In Memorium

Posted on Sun 02 January 2011 in geek, general

2010 has been a pretty good year for us, it seems like is has packed a lot in.

Professionally I've been doing really well. The company I work for has had yet another record breaking year which has triggered my bonus again (although I don't find out how much until I get back). It continues to grow in both revenue and size. I finally feel comfortable with the code base I'm working with. At the same time the ever growing feature list means I've still got plenty of interesting things to do with it. Although the internal code is proprietary to the company I've got a fairly wide latitude to work with FLOSS code and it makes a significant portion of the NMS product. Pretty much anything that I hack on that is useful to the wider community outside the application specific task is fed upstream which is good for both the company and the wider world.

Aside from my work based hacking 2010 was also the year I became a real open source project maintainer. I've been publishing code I write and use for a long time and have done maintenance work on some niche projects as well as contributing to other projects as normal. However at the start of 2010 I released Edit with Emacs to an unsuspecting world. It started as a simple exercise in learning some Chrome Javascript and kicking me to delve deeper into elisp coding. However since then it has grown to something that gets regular contributions and is used by over a thousand people. To quote Blur it gives me an enormous sense of well being :-)

This year has also been an interesting year politically. While there is plenty of debate about the economics of some of the choices made by the coalition I'm personally fairly happy with the approach being taken given the fairly dire conditions they inherited. From my geek point of view it's heartening to see the pre-election commitment that was made to open data seems to be being lived up to. I'm hoping the changes to openness will get embedded into the way government does business permanently.

The big thing that dwarfed all other things this year of course was getting married to the wonderful Fliss. Saving up all my holidays for the honeymoon meant we didn't have many extended breaks and of course as the logistical tasks approached there was much running around and controlled panics. In the end everything went like a dream and the wedding itself was a blur of happy memories. It was a fantastic day and made all the better for all the friends and family that came along to share in the celebration. Getting married to Fliss is quite possibly the best thing I've ever done.

I do occasionally have pangs of guilt considering how lucky we have been especially when so many are struggling with the uncertainty of the economic situation and the stress that causes. All I can do is wish the best of lucky to everyone for the next year. I hope it exceeds the positive expectations and under-performs on the negative ones!