Light at the end of the tunnel

Posted on Fri 02 December 2011 in general • Tagged with family, parenthood, ursula

Ursula is quite possibly the healthiest baby that has ever graced the Special Care Baby Unit at our local hospital. The sequence of events that led us there were more than a little concerning. As we were about to be discharged the midwife observed a leg twitch that didn't look …

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Reaching escape velocity

Posted on Mon 28 November 2011 in general • Tagged with parenthood, ursula

The last few days have been frustrating. Every time we get ready to pack up and come home something comes up. First it was a bout of jaundice which needed seeing to. Now the pediatricians are being abundantly cautious about a twitch she has while she's asleep. This has extended …

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Do the stars shine brighter tonight?

Posted on Fri 25 November 2011 in general • Tagged with family, parenthood, ursula

This was my thought as I unpacked the car tonight. It may have been the cold weather and clear skies though, it's hard to be sure. I'm currently pottering around the house tidying up and preparing to welcome Ursula to the home tomorrow. I suspect my perspective may have altered …

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Project Veg Patch

Posted on Mon 17 October 2011 in general • Tagged with house, life, veg patch

I noticed I haven't posted anything this month about what's going on in my life. Well as you can imagine the impending arrival of our first child has kind of glossed over everything else. I have not yet achieved a state of panic but it's very firmly in the radar …

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Saturday evening in New Zealand

Posted on Sun 25 September 2011 in general • Tagged with rugby, rwc2011

A lot of people have made out that having the rugby on in the morning is a bit of a pain for fans. I've been quite enjoying the matches so far. The last two weekends Fliss and I have rotated cooking a Canadian style breakfast to go with our morning …

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