Posted on Fri 17 February 2012 in general • Tagged with family, life, ursula

As predicted the blogging has dropped off quite precipitously. I still seem to be functioning on a reduced amount of sleep (although Fliss is taking the brunt of the sleep interruption by far). However the evenings are both shorter and much more structured. Eating is slowly moving from a task …

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5 years ago

Posted on Mon 02 January 2012 in general • Tagged with family, fliss, ursula

I was reminded of a new years party 5 years ago when I rather drunkenly blurted out to Fliss my desire not to be separated from her by geography next time we welcomed in a new year. We hadn't been together that long and she was visiting Oz for her …

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Simple State Machines and Other Things I Have Learnt

Posted on Tue 27 December 2011 in general • Tagged with android, parenting, ursula

We've just returned from 3 days at Fliss' Mum's house. Although we are still fairly sleep deprived things were made a lot easier by the presence of aunts and grandmothers who offered to take turns tending to the baby. This included one of those rarest of things, time for the …

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What big eyes you have

Posted on Sun 18 December 2011 in general • Tagged with family, parenting, ursula

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We've had Ursula at home for over a week now and are slowly getting into the swing of this parenting malarkey. So far we've nicknamed her "Trufflehog" after the manner she searches for the breasts when she's hungry …

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New Family Unit, Some Assembly Required.

Posted on Wed 07 December 2011 in general • Tagged with family, parenthood, ursula

I brought Fliss and Ursula home on Monday morning so we now have a complete family unit at home. We didn't do much on Monday apart from appreciate being back in the house with all the attendant creature comforts. Tuesday didn't involve much either but we had both sides of …

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