Is it spring yet?

Posted on Mon 21 February 2011 in general • Tagged with cod, garden, home

Nothing much happened this weekend apart from a complete tidy-up spring clean of the house. This may seem a little premature but when the weather finally does get better we won't have to worry about too much clutter up the house. Fliss' mum came around on Sunday and helped us …

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There and back again

Posted on Fri 01 October 2010 in general • Tagged with home, luggage, visiting manchester, wedding

We have finally returned from our honeymoon although the luggage has contrived to take a more circuitous route back. Hopefully it will arrive later today. I have left preparations for the weekend (Katy & Vince's wedding) hilariously late but we shall be driving up Saturday morning, staying in town (we thought …

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Managing Mammals

Posted on Mon 12 July 2010 in general • Tagged with cats, countryside, dogs, hedgehogs, home, nature, wildlife

I'm writing this post the Sunday house break-in attempt. However much as I'd like to vent and praise I thought I'd stick with some positive commentary on the weekend and save the rest for another post.

This weekend has involved a variety of mammals and their interactions with their human …

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Partaaaay Aftermarth

Posted on Mon 16 November 2009 in general • Tagged with home, house, party

Well this weekend was filled with the preparation, execution and aftermath of our House Warming party. Fliss finished a number of final touches to curtains, clothes racks, and other such details while I pottered around moving cardboard to the outbuildings and ordering two polypins of local ale to keep people …

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Ready to Go

Posted on Tue 01 September 2009 in general • Tagged with car, home, house

I dropped my car off at the body-shop for it's cosmetic surgery today. It will be there for 8-9 working days. On a completely unrelated note we have a completion date now which is in the scarily close sub-fortnight range. Hopefully we'll be moved into our new house the weekend …

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