Posted on Thu 06 October 2011 in geek • Tagged with apple, jobs

Today the tech-world has lost one of those rarest of things, a tech geek with name recognition. Steve Jobs and the company he founded with the lesser know Steve Wozniak is now a technology giant with operating profits and margins that most oil companies only dream of. It is all …

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Busy busy bee

Posted on Tue 25 January 2011 in general • Tagged with jobs, life, work

One reason my posting rate has dropped off so massively is I've been really busy at work. So busy that my capacity for intellectual thought in the evening is reduced to slobbing on the sofa watching DVDs or occasionally firing up CoD in split-screen and killing people with my wife …

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The Moon on a Stick Paradox

Posted on Mon 19 January 2009 in general • Tagged with jobs

I went and did my initial sign on for JSA last week. The process was mainly painless although a little delayed due to the office being quite busy. As far as I could tell the first floor was given over to new claims (and possibly follow-ups) as the normal sign …

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