Context, Attributes and JSP

Posted on Thu 10 July 2008 in geek • Tagged with development, java, jsp

One thing that is rapidly becoming clear is a lot of different concepts get mixed together when you start playing with JSP. On the face of it it's a simple model, your JSP code get built into a Java class (of type servlet) which is a combination on normal Java …

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JSP tags

Posted on Tue 08 July 2008 in geek • Tagged with development, java, jsp

Arrggh. I've just wasted the best part of half a day scratching my head as to why I was unable to iterate through a Java HashMap in a JSP page:

<c:forEach var="entry" items="${model.jvmInfo}" varStatus="status">             <tr>               <td>                 ${entry.key}               </td>               <td>                 ${entry.value}               </td>             </tr>           </c …

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Bifurcated Weekend

Posted on Mon 09 June 2008 in general • Tagged with jsp, lrp

The weekend was one of two halves, one half LRP and the other half drinking bubbly in gardens.

I worked late on Thursday to get everything I needed out of the door for our "alpha" release so I could take Friday off. This included a crash course in Java Server …

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