Passing by faster

Posted on Sun 17 October 2010 in geek, general • Tagged with freebies, lrp, wedding

The last two weeks have certainly seemed to flash past. Last weekend saw a flying visit up to Manchester for K & V's wedding. I have left it to others to document and supply photographic evidence.

In the meantime we've both been getting into the swing of the work schedule. Luckily …

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Odyssey, in 60 seconds

Posted on Mon 16 August 2010 in general • Tagged with fest games, lrp, odyssey, rome, swords

We went to the new PD LRP fest game Odyssey this weekend. Although we didn't stay for Saturday evening as we had wedding planning to do we did get a good feel for the game. Instead of Maelstrom's Play-by-(e)mail game of Civ Odyssey is very much rooted in …

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A few paragraphs

Posted on Mon 26 July 2010 in general • Tagged with android, gatiss, google, holmes, lrp, moffat, pot-pori, transparency, tv, war, wikileaks

There are a number of potential topics for blog posts swirling in my brain which I'm not going to have time to write. I shall therefor attempt to address each on in paragraph form (Twitter style is a little too brief for me).

We were at Maelstrom this weekend. We …

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Posted on Tue 28 July 2009 in general • Tagged with car, lrp, maelstrom

Maelstrom was fun to a degree but I was plagued by a number of OOC occurrences which slightly marred our enjoyment of the event.

We arrived on site pretty much without incident and as per usual we opened the car windows as we handed over our tickets. After finding somewhere …

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Packed and ready to go

Posted on Fri 24 July 2009 in general • Tagged with lrp, maelstrom

I'm all packed and ready to head off to the (hopefully) sunny climes of Maelstrom for a little light role-playing fun. The weather forecast doesn't look too horrendous and at least Saturday looks as though it will be fine. As usual I have a nagging feeling I've forgotten something but …

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