dired-rsync 0.5 release

Posted on Sun 10 November 2019 in geek • Tagged with dired, dired-rsync, emacs

If you've been running from MELPA you will have had all these features already but it was certainly overdue a stable tagging. The commit history shows a lot of faffing around getting the CI working again. However there are a bunch of customisation tweaks exposed as well as support for …

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dired-rsync 0.4 released

Posted on Fri 01 June 2018 in geek • Tagged with dired, elisp, emacs, dired-rsync

I started hacking on this a while back but I've finally done the house-keeping tasks required to make it a proper grown up package.

dired-rsync is a simple command which you can use to trigger an rsync copy from within dired. This is especially useful when you want to copy …

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Working with dired

Posted on Sat 07 April 2018 in geek • Tagged with dired, dired-rsync, emacs

I've been making a lot more use of dired recently. One use case is copying files from my remote server to my home machine. Doing this directly from dired, even with the power of tramp, is a little too time consuming and potentially locks up your session for large files …

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Solving the HKG18 puzzle with org-mode

Posted on Mon 26 March 2018 in geek • Tagged with connect, emacs, linaro, org-mode

One of the traditions I like about Linaro's Connect event is the conference puzzle. Usually set by Dave Piggot they provide a challenge to your jet lagged brain. Full disclosure: I did not complete the puzzle in time. In fact when Dave explained it I realised the answer had been …

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Workbooks for Benchmarking

Posted on Wed 21 February 2018 in general • Tagged with benchmark, emacs, linaro, org-mode, qemu

While working on a major re-factor of QEMU's softfloat code I've been doing a lot of benchmarking. It can be quite tedious work as you need to be careful you've run the correct steps on the correct binaries and keeping notes is important. It is a task that cries out …

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