Watch Full Movie Streaming And Download All We Had (2016) subtitle english

Posted on Tue 23 November 2010 in geek • Tagged with democracy, e-voting, ted, voting

Poster Movie All We Had 2016

All We Had (2016) HD

Director : Katie Holmes.
Writer : Jill Killington.
Release : December 9, 2016
Country : United States of America.
Production Company : Mustard & Co, Straight Shot Films, Jaro/Noelle Production.
Language : English.
Runtime : 105 min.
Genre : Drama.

'All We Had' is a movie genre …

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Digital Democracy

Posted on Thu 01 July 2010 in general • Tagged with consulation, democracy, edemocracy, government, politics

Our new Coalition Overlordstm have launched a new web-site to solicit feedback from the citizenry on what laws should be repealed/modified. This is a little more involved than the current option to sign e-Petitions at the number 10 website. The site supports commenting, tagging as well subscribing to …

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Election day in the UK

Posted on Thu 06 May 2010 in general • Tagged with democracy, elections, ge2010

Today is the general election in the UK. It's the closest race I've ever been eligible to vote in and the outcome is far from certain. If you do one thing today please go and vote. That is all.