Data Tsunami

Posted on Fri 19 November 2010 in general • Tagged with data, government, politics, transparency

The government has done another public spending data dump today. It's one of the policies that I was really in favour of before the election and it's good to see the coalition holding to it's word with this release. The raw data is available from the Cabinet Office and should …

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Digital Democracy

Posted on Thu 01 July 2010 in general • Tagged with consulation, democracy, edemocracy, government, politics

Our new Coalition Overlordstm have launched a new web-site to solicit feedback from the citizenry on what laws should be repealed/modified. This is a little more involved than the current option to sign e-Petitions at the number 10 website. The site supports commenting, tagging as well subscribing to …

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Openness and Transparency

Posted on Thu 03 June 2010 in geek • Tagged with government, it, opendata, transparency

One of the things that I found encouraging about the Tory manifesto was they seemed to get the concept of government transparency and open data. While news about top civil service pay is what hit the headlines yesterday the new directive to civil servants is much wider. While the last …

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