Plus One

Posted on Sun 17 July 2011 in geek • Tagged with facebook, google, privacy, social

Well I've been playing with Google+ for a week and a bit now so I thought I would add some punditry to the swirling ether of the 'net. For a product that hasn't even earned the famed Google Beta tag it's already been rolled out to around 10 million people …

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Baseline Codecs for web video

Posted on Mon 17 January 2011 in geek • Tagged with codecs, google, h264, open, standards, video, web

A lot of 'net comment has been generated in the last few days following Google's announcement that they will be dropping support for H.264 in future versions of their Chromium browser. They expound on their decision here.

In making this move they join the ranks of Mozilla in supporting …

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Google Gate-gate

Posted on Mon 25 October 2010 in geek • Tagged with big brother, google, security, wifi

Google was on the news this morning for the latest piece of fall-out from their WiFi survey.

For the uninitiated for some time the Google Street View cars have been scraping WiFi data as they roam the streets. The intention has been to build a database of SSIDs as an …

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A few paragraphs

Posted on Mon 26 July 2010 in general • Tagged with android, gatiss, google, holmes, lrp, moffat, pot-pori, transparency, tv, war, wikileaks

There are a number of potential topics for blog posts swirling in my brain which I'm not going to have time to write. I shall therefor attempt to address each on in paragraph form (Twitter style is a little too brief for me).

We were at Maelstrom this weekend. We …

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Adding Google Juice to mutt

Posted on Wed 17 March 2010 in geek • Tagged with data, emacs, encryption, google, gpg, mutt

As I've been mailing out invites I discovered a minor problem with my data.

My main email client is the fantastically functional mutt. It's terminal based but incredibly flexible. When it comes to mass sorting/searching your email it leaves GUI based clients standing. However now I'm a roving around …

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